In our experience, too many advisers waste their precious time attempting to achieve for their client above market returns by picking the hot stocks or fund managers. In many cases, chopping and changing investments is one of the least productive things an adviser can do for their clients.


Individuals and/or advisers with superior forecasting and prophecy skills should be fabulously wealthy. Similarly, if history is the only true guide then librarians should be amongst the wealthy.


Many planners believe they have to move money around because they think that’s what their clients want. Look busy and generate activity but it doesn’t always add any value.


Markets create wealth

Nest does not create wealth directly for its clients – the markets create wealth. Wealth is created by millions of entrepreneurs, executives, managers and workers who build companies and help the economy to grow.


Investment growth takes time but there is a capital market rate of return that is there for the taking. Do not jeopardise that by trying to get more and instead ending up with less.


Our ultimate value as advisers is to bring discipline to the process. We add enormous value by educating our clients on the perils of attempting to time markets.


How do we add value?

We add value by educating our investors that they don’t need to find investment guru’s to have a successful experience. We educate clients to get value for the fees they pay. Value is the issue, not always the fee.


Our economy is now awash with debt and the need for financial planning principles – pay off debt and spend less than you earn – seems to have been forgotten.


You now have choices – lots of them, you will lead a longer and healthier life and legislation will change and remain complex.


The role of the financial planner is to help you achieve your goals. We just don’t manage your money – we manage your behaviour, your expectations and your goals.



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