Why seek advice about a loan?

There are many reasons why people seek financing. You may have decided to consolidate debts, seek a mortgage for a home or investment property or a share market investment.


There are now even more loan products on the market and this is where you can hit a stumbling block – finding the right finance for your needs. With lots of options and loan providers out there, it is virtually impossible to research the right product from a company you can trust on your own.


Finding the right mortgage for you

A mortgage, whether it’s for your home or for an investment property, is a big commitment often lasting decades. You want to make sure that the mortgage you pick is right for your needs.

· Do you want fixed or variable interest?

· Do you need a redraw facility?

· Are there any penalties for early repayment?


How can Nest help?

We can refer you to a service that will match you with the most suitable loan product for your needs, from many of Australia’s largest mortgage lenders, including all of the major banks.


This service has no affiliation or preference to any lending institution and can therefore provide you with recommendations on the most suitable finance package.


By using this service you will save time and money, and gain the confidence and security of reaching your financial goals.



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